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Re-New Copenhagen is committed to supporting environmental surroundings from the Scandinavian forest. We believe that we can bring a soft footprint on the planet by planting a tree to create a soft balance with nature. For every 10. purchased product from Re-New, we are planting a tree in Scandinavian on your behalf. Become part of a positive impact movement and turn every single Re-New product into tools that will benefit both people and the planet. 

We fight for a better nature and enviroment

Re-New Copenhagen collaborates with Danmarks Naturfredsforening, as ethical responsibility is of great importance to us.
Re-new Copenhagen is built on the love of nature, and therefore we want to contribute to the FN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Richer nature

Together with Dansk Naturfredsforening we are fighting for a richer nature and even more protected forests. This means the forest takes care of it self and no trees are felled. This gives us an even healthier nature with lots of wildlife. Trees and forests are the worlds lungs which is the reason we plant a tree for each 10 product purchased. 

Cleaner enviroment

Many of us have heard of a CO2 neutral future. Unfortunately, a 100% CO2 neutral future does not come by itself. Trees have the amazing effect of storing CO2 so that it does not escape into the atmosphere.

Less Climate changes

Climate changes means the globe is getting warmer and drier than ever before. Rivers are drying up and crops are having a hard time growing. By creating more nature and investing 100% in green energy, we can reduce CO2 emissions and work towards a future with fewer climate changes.

Responsible consumption

Our consumption of plastic contributes to polluting the environment. However, plastic is a material that is both cheap and difficult to avoid. All packaging from Re-New Copenhagen is made of recyclable material to avoid further consumption.

Did you know?

In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles.

An acre of trees produces enough oxygen every year to support the needs of 18 people.

Trees can 'talk' to each other, and they even share nutrients. Older trees helps new trees to grow and gives them nutrice through their roots.

Trees can 'talk' to each other, and they even share nutrients. Older trees helps new trees to grow and gives them nutrice through their roots.

designed, developed and produced in Scandinavia

Our products and knowledge will lead you to a better daily haircare routine.  
Re-New Copenhagen are created for all short-haired people - regardless of hair type, age, gender and challenges. 

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